LaDoll Air Dry Satin Smooth Clay

$ 10.00

Molded, sculpted, stamped or carved, La Doll is the clay of choice for doll artists worldwide. The perfect air-dry clay for fine detail work, La Doll contains highly refined pumice, talc, and small amounts of paper pulp and binders, resulting in an extremely pliable clay that can be worked with indefinitely if kept moist. La Doll adheres to wire mesh, Rigid-Wrap, paper, glass, plastic, wood, and Styrofoam, and accepts acrylic, oil paints, water-based paints, and dry finishing powders. Dissolve it in water to use as a finish coat — or soak it with paper and cloth to be formed into shapes. It can also be carved, drilled, or sanded when dry. La Doll air-dries with minimal shrinkage.