WINGED BEAUTY, a very faerie coloring book

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We at Faerie Magazine are excited to present the work of five faerie artists who open portals into other, more magical worlds. Renae Taylor’s delicate fey creatures look ready to leap off the page and twirl in a fairy dance. Cory Godbey brings us soft and glowing glimpses of mysterious creatures—both of nature and of magic. Stephanie Law weaves a spell with her intricate, nature-rich detail and lines. Ruth Sanderson’s fanciful fairies and princesses remind us of the images we gasped over as children. And Charles Vess confirms his place as a modern inheritor of Arthur Rackham, John Bauer, and other Golden Age illustrators with his own distinct yet classic style.

Published by Faerie Magazine, WINGED BEAUTY is a lovely, 8"-by-9", 88-page coloring book from five famed faerie artists, each with 15 otherworldly images for you to make your own.