1772 Pink Hair Powder

$ 22.00

Historical Label
18th Century Pink Hair Powder
Crushed Rose Petals
Hair and cheek powder
 3 3/4oz



This recipe came from research in the Toilet De Flora and Adbeker as well as historical documents that talked about how Marie Antoinette preferred her hair powders be made from crushed flower petals. In addition to the crushed rose petals, this recipe also has Iron oxide which will stain your cheeks or hair a lovely pink. It has a lovely natural rose scent to it.
In the 18th century specific colored powders were popular. As you can see in the photo, this woman, chose the ever popular pink.  
This will wash out easily, but it is recommended that you cover yourself well and if possible apply this in an easy to clean area, outside, or with tile, linoleum, or wood flooring, it is much like a powdered blush, in that if it gets on the floor or such before it is set with hair spray, it will leave a pink or red mark which is easily able to be cleaned up and will wash out with soap and water. So care needs to be taken. This is why the recipients of the powder tended to cover their face with a large cone and wore a protective aprons.
NOTE: To Make This Stick And Give the Best Color- You Need Pomade (Pomatum) 
For hair application, this is best applied over your pomade with a large makeup brush. Apply hair powder first, before your makeup as you will need to wash your face after powdering.