1772 Finely Perfumed Jasmine Hair And Body Powder

$ 22.00

Jasmine Powder
Hair & Body
2 3/4oz


It is by far the finest, softest, and most luscious hair and body powder we have yet to offer. The 1772 recipe does not specify if it is for the hair or body so you can use it for both. It is made from the finest French Chalk. We used both jasmine flowers ( pictured) and jasmine oil to scent this powder. It is impregnated with civet and ambergris as the recipe called for so this powder is more on the perfume side than the flowery side. If you like musky flower scents, you will love this 18th century recipe.

This powder is a limited run and has aged for months with Jasmine flowers and Natural Jasmine Oil.

This would be the perfect powder for a special occasion, A holiday historical ball or wedding.

The scent has lovely notes which gives an amazing radiance and warmth to jasmine. The fragrance of ambergris is complex and this complexity adds to the very different impressions that people will have to the product.