French Face Powder from 1922

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Exact Original Recipe
French Face Powder 1922
Face Powder


By the 1920s makeup counters were pretty common in pharmacies and department stores. It was now ok to peruse the latest and newest cosmetics. The must-have look included a youthful glow done with creams, ointments, and white face powders like this. This one is made from an original 1922 recipe. This will help achieve your desired 1920's look.

Why does it work: French Talc: Absorbs moisture and oil and helps skin feel soft, fresh, cool and dry. It also reduces friction. It specifically helps control shine and absorbs oil.

The powder has a lovely translucent pearlesque smooth look to it. Putting it on and buffing it in won't make your face extremely pale for general skin tones but it will give it a pearlesque finish with a lovely fresh scent of Lemon and Bergamot.