Bewitching Body Powder

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Bewitching Body Powder
Natural and good for you


Be hauntingly sensational with this bewitchingly soft powder. Caress your body with Rose Petal, Jasmine & Patchouli. Put him under your spell...

Did you know that wise women, medicine men, witches, and those that have a close connection with herbs have been aware of the mysterious healing properties of plants and flowers for centuries. Check out how some of our past ancestors saw the following ingredients:

Rose: Roses have been cultivated for over 5,000 years. There are at least 150 natural named species worldwide . The Chinese were the first to cultivate roses and begin hybridizing them. They say, that the fragrance of the rose reminds people of the connection with their souls. Aphrodite is depicted with roses in her hair. Achilles's shield has a rose emblem. The Greek poet Sappho wrote about roses. Roses are the classic flower for love and affection. Rose also have traditionally been used in love spells.

Jasmine: Historically, Jasmine was grown in ancient Egyptian temple gardens. It has always been revered for its floral scent. The oil produced from is called "Jasmine Absolute". It is so prized for its scent that it’s referred to as "The King of Oils". It takes a lot of flowers to produce a small amount of oil. Jasmine has been used to enhance relaxation and to help with prophetic dreams and matters dealing with love. It has also been used to assist with menstrual pain and discomfort. Anointing, balancing, divination, dreams, insight and astral projection. A little known fact, Jasmine is considered a flower of attraction and in some cultures,young girls would wear jasmine blossoms to bed in the hopes of seeing the face of their true love during their dreams. Jasmine flowers were also offered to the sea in order to bring the loved ones home safe from their travels.

Patchouli: Did you know that Patchouli is part of the mint family and smells like rich earth, and has been associated with Prosperity, Money; Fertility; Protection; Defense; Allure, love, wealth, and sexual power. Patchouli is believed to have been derived from a word meaning "green leaf" in the specific parts of India, where the shrub thrives and has been used in medicine and cultural ceremonies for thousands of years. It was even believed to have been used long ago on Asian silk trade routes because of the ability to repel moths. Also something interesting historically, Patchouli was used in fertility talismans and an alleged aphrodisiac. Some don't care for the smell, but when combined correctly it can smell amazing.

Photgraphed is a reproduced deck of divination cards from Mademoiselle Marie Lenormand- also called le petit lemormand cards. She was a well known fortune teller in the 18th century. the illustrations are from a variation of the cards that appeared with printed verses and published in 1875. Cool bit of history!

Ingredients: Starch, Wheat Starch, Patchouli Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil,Jasmine Essential Oil, Organic