Violette Coquette Solid Perfume

$ 10.00

SOLID Perfume
Violette Coquette
1/2 oz tin

Note: If you have tried LBCC Historical Apothecary solid perfumes before, you know they can be a little hard, but these will melt nicely with a little bit of heat from your fingers.  
The scent will be a little different for everyone, but it's a lovely powdery violet-Esque scent with other flowery notes, and some have told me a top note of licorice. Some have said it turns into a unique citrus smell. It will be a little different for everyone!
Solid perfumes have been around since antiquity, always having different names like unguents or pomatums. Some of these had specific uses and were meant to be used on the hair or body. Even the Victorians had solid perfumes. So we hope you enjoy this lovely scent in a more portable option!