"Taste of Outlander" Gift Set

$ 22.95

This gift set includes:

1. Claire's Sassenach Organic Deep Tissue Balm

We think Claire would have realized the medicinal value not just for women's complaints but the complaints from men as well with sore muscle and back pain. This balm works well when it is massaged :) into sore muscles and backs for relief of pain and loosening the muscles. Let it soak in and allow it to relieve your tension and pain. This salve will help heal and relieve pain with anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, relaxing properties. Great for those on the go too!
Arrives in 1 oz. tin.

2. 18th Century Scottish Sachet

Instructions say:
"To be laid amongst your clothes. It will give a fragrant smell and keep the moths and worms away." 
This comes from an authentic 18th century Scottish Herbal Grimoire.
Place this with your clothing, trunks, or blankets. It smells like Bay Rum.

Sachet is 3" X 5", draw string muslin bag, original recipe!

3. Claires Lip Balm - Tinted Rose 

This recipe is based on a recipe from 1772, added are  beneficial ingredients that Claire would have been used to like coconut oil. This will not only soothe and moisturize your lips, but will give them a slight rosy color as well. Scented with Rosewood and colored with Alkanet Root. It smells like chocolate!!! YUMMM and SOOOO LOVELY! It is a lovely berry color that tints your lips and cheeks the 18th century way! Arrives in .5 oz tin.