Urania Pendant with Carl Sagan Quote

$ 25.00

The front of this pendant features a hand-colored reproduction of a medieval armillary sphere (a mechanical representation of the constellations and planets) being embraced by Urania, daughter of Zeus and the muse of astronomy. This was a common motif in medieval art when astronomy and astrology were one discipline.

On the back is Carl Sagan's famous quote:

"We are made of star stuff."

giving a modern scientific take on the ancient belief that we are intimately connected to the stars.

The artwork set under glass in a hand formed frame made from pewter in the manner of Tiffany stained glass. The piece comes in a polished, antique finish reminiscent of tarnished silver or old pewter. A genuine 6 mm Swarovski crystal drop gives the piece added sparkle and movement.

All materials are artist quality and lead and nickel free. The pendant comes with a 30 inch hemp cord. The jump ring will accommodate a wide variety of chains and cords.