Pre-Raphaelite Collection

$ 74.00

1. Rose Hair Oil - 1871 Exact Original Recipe, 1 1/8oz 
 Give this original vegan Victorian hair oil a go! Hair oils are meant to strengthen the hair, give it shine, and condition it. You can also use this hair oils for frizz control and to help set your hair. Historically hair oils were important to apply daily. Just shake, run a few drops together with your hands, and work into your hair. 
Ingredients: Organic Bulgarian Rose Oil, Organic Almond Oil, Gum Of Benjamin, Organic Alkanet Root.

2. Bergamot Smelling Salts - An original recipe from 1811 actually refers to it as a "Smelling Bottle". At this time vinaigrettes were also still being used for a variety of reasons. So a lady would have had her pick, a smelling bottle or a vinaigrette. While smelling salts in the victorian times didn't use sponges, regency smelling salts had the option as was customarily done centuries before. The purpose of Smelling Salts are to arouse consciousness and are centuries old. We have documentation of them even being used by the Romans. Bergamot scented and not as strong as the originals.

3. Pomegranate Dish Cloth - Super absorbent but also very pretty! Put a little style in your kitchen, be inspired while doing chores!

4. Lady Guinevere Solid Perfume - A spicy dark musky sensuous, unisex, solid perfume recipe from 1893. If you love the smell of Incense, Chai, or Spiced Tea you will love this. It's a lot of clove, with hints of flowers underneath.
The cool thing about this perfume is that even though clove is the most prominent, it is great for many things including keeping insects at bay, minimizing stress, fighting fatigue, and it even can help with aches and pains. It's also a darker spicy scent and so very Victorian ( in my mind). This lovely solid perfume also has lavender, Bergamot, Rose Geranium, & Vanillin. .
5 oz. 

5. Moonflower EarringsThese handcrafted, frosty white moonflower earrings unveil three glittering, multi-hued rich purple-toned Swarovski crystals that shower down underneath the petals for movement and lots of sparkle. Topped with antiqued bronze filigree and a web of intricate metal petals underneath, these evanescent earrings are perfect for evening attire! Suspended from antique bronze fishhook ear wires, these earrings are just over 2.5" long, from the top of the hook to the furthest crystal.

6. Boreas Looking Glass Necklace - Boreas is a famous painting by Pre-Raphaelite artist Waterhouse, depicting a girl in a windswept landscape. Set within an antiqued silver 34mm round pendant, hung from sturdy, high quality brass tone chain with lobster clasp.