Outlander Inspired Tinted Rose Lip Balm

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Historical Inspired
Tinted Rose Balm 
Lip Salve- Lip Gloss 

We Think Claire would approve of this recipe! "Tinted Rose Balm Lip Salve" 
We chose this recipe because tinted lip balms or pomades were used thoughout history. Claire would have either had a one in her pocket as she crossed or she would have made or purchased one on the other side. We changed this one up a little bit to add a bit of her time period as well as recipes used in the 18th century. 

When we were asked to come up with products that would or could have been used in the time period of the popular novel, and movie Outlander, we wanted to really give you something unique and true to history and something that could have been made in that period or combining her knowledge with the original 18th century recipes. We give you our "Outlander Inspired Apothecary Collection"

This recipe is based on a recipe from 1772. We combined 2 recipes. We didn't take anything out of the original, but added beneficial ingredients that Claire would have been used to like coconut oil. This will not only soothe and moisturize your lips, but will give them a slight rosy color as well. Scented with Rosewood and colored with Alkanet Root. It smells like chocolate!!! YUMMM and SOOOO LOVELY! It is a lovely berry color that tints your lips and cheeks the 18th century way! 

This will work with your natural PH to give you the perfect color for your complexion! The color will vary in everyone, some will be lighter and some will be darker, it all depends on your PH.

Because this is a natural product with natural coloring that works with your very own PH, the color does take a few moments to show up on your lips. It works best to puncture the top of the product after receiving it. Just push your finger in the center. By doing this you will also achieve more color! Great for you purse, pocket, or car!