Meteorite Necklace

$ 75.00 $ 29.00

The Meteorite Necklace from Scarlett Garnet has a little secret.  That rough stone captured by copper wire- its a meteorite!  This ultimate gypsy has been traveling the UNIVERSE and will come to adorn your heavenly body.  These celestial nuggets were found in Argentina, where 26 craters were created 4,000-5,000 years ago. The site, called Campo del Cielo, has over 37 miles of iron bits strewn from when the main meteorite hit.  

The tiny piece of the distant heavens is wire wrapped into a pendant of copper.  The rectangular centerpiece is 2.25" long and 0.75" wide and hammered for a rough industrial, or perhaps star traveler, look.  The chain has a vintage look, with brass bars intersecting the chain and is clasp-less at 29" (will fit over your head).

Please expect variation in the size, shape, texture and color of these natural materials.   Copper and brass will both get darker with wear and take on a natural patina, lending an old-world and star-traveled look to your handmade jewelry. Most Scarlett Garnet fans love this coloring, but you can use non-toxic household materials to clean copper and brass, such as ketchup or lemon. Keeping your skin and jewelry dry and not using perfumes and lotions will keep your skin and jewelry from changing colors. Stainless steel will not tarnish or react with skin.