Our Fine Honey Lip Salve - 1747 Recipe

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This perfect lip balm is a combination of recipes from 1758 and 1772!
This was one of our first products we came out with. It is slightly modified from the original 18th century recipe found in, "The Art Of Cookery (1758). We used the 1758 recipe and combined it with a 1772 recipe and added spearmint. Our version has RAVE reviews. We have had people test it against Bert's Bees, and they told us they had to reapply Bert's Bees 5 times in the time they applied "Hey Girl" once. We have also heard that they have gone through the washing machine and were perfectly intact and fine. :)

Try some of this amazing lip balm today. It's all natural and organic. You will love it..It can stay in your purse or the car and won't melt, but is perfectly luscious on your lips. Plus now you have a handsome 18th century Gent giving you the eye as if to say, " Hey Girl!"

Ingredients: Organic Almond oil, WI Made Organic honey, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Beeswax, Essential Spearmint Oil