Krampus Soap Ornaments

$ 14.95

Krampus soap is back, and now it's ornamental! Each soap features a festive twine loop for hanging on the tree or wherever else a reminder is needed not to be naughty, and each order contains two soaps and two velvet bags.

Whether as a stocking stuffer for the naughty person in your life, or a creepy cleansing buddy, Krampus soap is guaranteed to get noticed!

Krampus is a mythical figure in the Alpine regions of Europe who accompanies Saint Nicholas, only instead of rewarding children with gifts he dispenses punishment and terrifies wicked boys and girls. Exceptionally naughty children may find themselves whipped with switches and stuffed into his sack to be devoured later. Krampus appears as a Satyr or goatlike figure, with horns and cloven hooves, covered in matted fur and chains with a long red lolling tongue.

This "anti-claus" themed soap is made with 100% Coconut Oil, natural colorants, and comes packaged in a set of two in the following essential oil combinations:

Fjord: An invigorating blend of essential oils reminiscent of dense forest lining glacial coasts, including kelp and oils of fir, cedar, and cypress

Glogg: A blend of traditional mulling spices, warm and cozy

Please note that due to the natural ingredients used, you may notice variations in color from what is pictured. For best results (and a longer lasting product) keep soap dry between uses.