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Kirtland Warbler Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Kirtland Warblers

First identified in 1851, this small songbird is rare and highly localized, found only in a few areas of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ontario.

These warblers are known for constantly bobbing their tails. They nest on the ground under the low-hanging branches of mature Jack Pine trees. The Jack Pines need fire to release and spread their seeds, and the prevention of forest fires kept new Jack Pines from growing.

The bird’s population dwindled dramatically before it was understood that forest fires were good for the trees as well as the birds.

The loss of suitable breeding habitat coupled with their inability to defend nests and young from the Brown-headed Cowbird lead to a significant decline in number and range for the species. However, recent human intervention has given new hope for the survival of these lovely songbirds..

Kirtland Warblers Salt & Pepper  - Available in Antique Bronze (AB)

5" Dia x 2.5" H

Handmade in the USA.