Glow in the Dark Faery Wing Earrings

$ 46.00

This Halloween season, we have crafted new faery wings to take flight! Hand formed from silver wire, adorned with light aqua green glitter and Swarovski crystal, and then coated in glow in the dark resins, these wings are the perfect spooky treat. Inspired by Will O The Wisps, tricksy fae known for luring travelers off safe paths, they glow an eerie dim green. 
In normal lighting conditions, they are a green-tinted iridescent shade with opalescent aqua swarovski crystal.  They glow brightest when charged in natural sunlight for 15 minutes, but in a pinch, LED light will do! They will glow for approximately 20 - 30 minutes.  They are handmade by the pair, so there will be slight differences in shape between them. They will measure 2 1/4" - 2 3/4" from the tops of their sterling silver earwires. 
**Fans of Sihaya Designs Wings may note that the texture of these wings is a bit different. Owing to the glow in the dark pigments used, the wings have a slightly sandy finish. They are still waterproof as ever!