Glamour Magick Lip Scrub

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Glamour Magick Lip Scrub 🌿

If you’ve never tried a lip scrub before~ you’re missing out! Day after day of lipsticks, lip gloss, weather conditions can create buildup, peeling and cracked lips. This lip scrub is infused with Calendula Oil~the best oil you can use on your skin for its healing properties and skin rejuvenation. And it's made with Lavender, prized for its wonderful work on skin as well being anti microbial and relaxing to the senses. Perfect for your nightly skin care routine.

Simply put a small amount of lip scrub on your lips and gently rub in a circular motion. Rinse off with warm water and you’ll feel the difference! Super soft lips! It’s such a easy way to care for your lips and they will thank you~especially in the winter with the cold temperatures.

Each glass Amber jar holds 2oz of lip scrub.