Forest Fairy Ritual Paint

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A plant based potion suitable for lips, cheeks and lids. Dab a small amount for a light wear or layer it for an intense magickal and bold look. This gorgeous brew is infused with Reishi mushroom, mugwort, marshmallow root and pine resin for deep hydration, the enchantment of Chaga mushroom restores and regenerates the surface of your lips, has high amounts of vitamin d and helps protect your skin against sun damage, antibacterial plantain soothes and reduces inflammation. Sea buckthorn oil heals, nourishes and helps prevent cracked lips. This sorcery is completed with apple, cherry and strawberry organic oils for extreme hydration and repair.

Ingredients: plantain*, mugwort*, marshmallow*, reishi*, chaga* in jojoba oil*, babassu oil•, candelilla wax, cocoa butter*, cherry oil*, strawberry oil*, sea buckthorn oil*, apple oil*, carmine, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, mica, vitamin e *7g glass jar

Made in United States