Felted MONSTER Soap Green

$ 8.50

This is a well behaved little monster soap.

Felted soap is awesome because:

- it's made with old fashioned goat's milk soap (various good-for-the-whole-family scents)
- it's soap and a washcloth all in one, how convenient!
- the wool is slightly exfoliating (but not scratchy)
- the soap inside will last a loooong time, especially if allowed to dry between uses.
-when the soap is gone, you will be left with a flat little monster that can be used as a scrubby, carefully sliced open and used as a pouch for treasures or stuffed with soap slivers, or saved as a cute little treasure.
- no more slimy soap! perfect for little hands and for travel.

Monsters are approximately 2x2 inches and 1.5-2 oz. They are lovingly felted by hand and the faces are painstakingly needle felted on. No two are alike! The monster you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured. This listing is for ONE monster. It might be more blue, it might be more green, it depends on the nature of the monster.