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Fancy Pea Shooters (Includes 6 Tubes)

$ 15.00

Fun & exuberant! A European party game for adults and kids. Place a bowl of festive colored paper Balls on the table and pass out golden shooters to your guests. That's all it takes! The party will begin and all will join in ...blow paper Balls through shooters at friends and loved ones for good laughs and a memorable time.

"Your fancy pea shooters brought the party to life! I put all the Balls in a big bowl and found the rowdiest guy and slipped him a tube and told him when he was ready, use it. After he blew the first Ball, the party took off. It was stunning, mind-blowing!"!Twink Super Secret Jewelry Store

Includes: 6 gold tubes and over 100 paper Balls per box.