Facial Powder of the Fairies - 1893

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Facial Powder Of The Fairies - 1893
Exact Original Recipe
Face Powder


"Soft Skin And White" is what so many of the cosmetic ads of the 1890's read. A typical 1893 ad would read something like this: " This powder is cooling, refreshing, cleanly, healthy, and harmless with a most delicate and desirable protection to the face during hot weather. This powder is refreshing and used to prevent chafing, sunburn, wind-tan, and to lessen perspiration. There is no complexion powder as beautiful or as safe is the "Facial Powder of the Fairy's Complexion Powder."

This is the exact recipe and name of this facial complexion powder from 1893. The overall look in the Victorian era of 1893 was of porcelain smooth skin. This powder smells fresh and will give you that lovely porcelain complexion.
The powder has a lovely translucent pearlesque smooth look to it. Putting it on and buffing it in won't make your face extremely pale for general skin tones but it will give it a pearlesque finish with a lovely fresh scent of Bergamot.

Why does it work?

Wheat starch: helps to absorb excess oil and impurities

Orris Root: Orris acts like a blood purifier, a gland stimulator and it enhances the functioning of the excretory system and the digestive tract. The day to day problems like headache, toothaches, muscles etc can be cured through an application of orris root. The roots and the residue obtained from the orris plant are very advantageous to a person in terms of health, skin, and hair. The extracts help in cleansing the skin, the impurities and germs. Done away with. It also keeps the skin moisturized and removes dryness and itchiness from the skin. The orris powder helps the skin to retain moisture, elasticity and provides fresh and glowing skin. It pulls out harmful toxins.

French Talc: Absorbs moisture and oil and helps skin feel soft, fresh, cool and dry. It also reduces friction and chafing that can irritate skin. It specifically helps control shine and absorb oil.

"An Exquisitely Delicate Preparation For Beautifying The Complexion" So states this recipe!

Please Note: We understand the grammatical issue with the name of this powder. Please be aware, this was how we found the original label.