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Danu Swarovski Pearl and Citrine Necklace

$ 40.00

Danu Means “the Flowing One”. She is the great mother of the gods and is called "The Mother Goddess" of Ireland She is the divine creator who birthed all things into being. She is also an earth goddess. She is the Mother of The Tuatha De Danann, the Irish Gods, which literally means the Children of Danu. All the Danann can trace their Lineage back to her.

 20" necklace with 2" extension chain. The metal alloy focal is silver plated. It is adorned with Swarovski pearls and citrine faceted stones. It is all connected with a delicate silver-colored metal alloy chain.

Please note: The product photographed is not the exact product you will get, due to this being a made-to-order item. Because this necklace is made with natural items (citrine stone), there is likely to be slight imperfections in these parts of the necklace. Each citrine stone has its own qualities, and what may look like a "crack" or break in the stone, is actually natural and called an "inclusion". It does not mean the stone is broken or is going to break!