Bog Frog Salt Cellar

$ 29.95

This small species of frog inhabits small, cool, clear streams in a narrow range of Western Florida, predominantly on Eglin Air Force Base.

With a distinct “chuckle” of a call, it is believed that they are able to distinguish one another through individual calls.

Combined with their various shades of dark green, brown, and yellow, as well as a lack of webbing on some of their toes, they make a very unusual, but beautiful amphibian.

Discovered as recently as 1982, by Paul Moler, they are designated a “species of special concern” in the state of Florida. There is still much information to be learned about this rare and special frog, if we are to save it from extinction.

Bog Frog Salt Cellar - Available in Antique Bronze (AB) or Antique Pewter (AP). 

1.5" H x 1.25" Dia

Handmade in the USA