Black Plume & Black Perfumed Ink -- LOVE POTION

$ 60.00

Opus Oils invites you to expand your vocabulary to include the seductive "Poetry of Perfume," with their Artisan Perfumed Inks (for dip pens). Tantalize & treat your senses to a luxurious & sensual experience that will evoke memories & stimulate your imagination. 
Inspired by a tradition that began in 19th century Italy (when ink manufacturers collected different 
scents from the perfume industry and added them to their inks), these Perfumed Inks are the 
fragrant result of an ongoing exploration into the synesthetic relationship between Language & Scent.

The ink is scented with LOVE POTION.
A luscious & decadent blend of romantic florals & succulent fruits that is sure to enchant & delight the object of your hearts desire, casting a love spell that will last forever.

Each set contains: 1 ounces of perfumed ink & velvet bag, one quill dip pen, all in a wrapped box.