"Ancient Metals" Brass Half Scale Dragon Egg

$ 120.00 $ 90.00

This dragon egg has been carefully plucked from an ancient and magical dragon lair; no harm was done to any dragon in the plucking, and by agreeing to care for this egg you are very likely saving a small village. Please treat this egg with utmost care. Do not throw it into fires or attempt to make breakfast with it. Keep it well hidden from children over the Easter holiday, and from rabbits all year long. Do not set it outside during a thunderstorm. Rub it three times for good luck.

But if you one day find a dragon in place of this egg ... run.
Thank you,
Faerie Magazine

(Dragon eggs are handmade of polymer clay in custom blended colors over actual empty goose eggs. Every detail is made by hand and each one is unique. No two are ever exactly the same. They are cured multiple times and are very strong. The "Ancient Metals" metallic eggs are made by cutting and layering individual scales and are painted with multiple layers of metal and then a patina is applied. Once dry, a sealant is applied to protect the finish. It is a three-day process. Although sizes vary a bit because they begin as actual eggs, the average size is 4" x 2.75" wide and they weigh about 3-4 ounces.)