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18th Century Lemon Flower Pomatum

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18th Century
Lemon Flower Pomatum
1739 Smith
1756 Abdeker
1772Toilet De Flora
1779 Edinburgh Newspaper

Have you ever wondered how women were able to get their hair to do such amazing styles throughout history? Here is one of the best kept secrets: Pomatum.

Pomatum is a perfumed ointment used for the hair, face, and skin. It can be a salve made with beeswax and oils (like spermaceti or almond) which produces a more stable compound, particularly in the heat and for traveling. It can also be made from a combination of scented waters, fats, and oils. After trying various recipes, I settled on a general recipe "To Make Pomatum" from 1739, consisting of wax, spermaceti (jojoba), and almond oil. This recipe for pomatum ( pomade) has been used for over 300 years with minor changes. These pomatums are exceptional because they are great for the hair, face, and skin, while also travelling well.

A little goes a long way. To achieve the curls I massaged this pomatum though my damp hair and set it in foam curlers over night. This works well to tame fly aways, or to help set your hair. You can achieve wonderfully smooth styles including the tall Marie Antoinette hair or the romantic hedge hog curls with this amazing pomatum. This leave your hair very soft and full.