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18th Century Clove Pomatum

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18th Century

Clove Pomatum
1oz Screw Top Tin
Historical Label

Have you ever wondered how women were able to get their hair to do such amazing styles throughout history? Here is one of the best-kept secrets: Pomatum or Pomade!

Historically, pomatum is a perfumed ointment used for the hair, face, and skin. Many times, the recipe would state if the pomade or pomatum was for use on the face or hair. In this case, this original recipe would have been used to help the 18th-century hair powder stick, allowing extra volume needed for the tall hairstyles. This is the ultimate hair product used to achieve those popular Marie Antionette hairstyles. 

In fact, clove was oftentimes used in historical products because not only was the scent pleasing, it also helped keep bugs at bay! 

This pomade is made using an original historical recipe from the 18th century with one modern ingredient substitution: Organic Clove EO, Organic Sage EO, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Gum of Benjamin, Organic Beeswax, and Lard.

A little goes a long way. To achieve curls, massage a little bit of pomade into damp hair and set in foam curlers or pin curls overnight. The trick with historical pomades is to use the smallest amount possible. It’s easy to overdo it. This works well to tame flyaways and help set the hair. This pomade will assist in crafting a variety of vintage and historical hairstyles all while conditioning your hair.