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1730 Lavender Sachet from Marie Antoinette's Perfumer

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Lavender, Thyme, Rose, Bergamot, Vanilla, Embroidered Muslin Bag, Organic Herbs, Vegan Friendly

original recipe
composed by Jean-Louis Fargeon ( Marie Antoinette's Perfumer)

This recipe comes from sources that document Jean- Louis Fargeon who became Marie Antoinette's Perfumer. He became famous for this combination (in the sachet). He named it Scented Lavender and from the one receipt, he created waters, perfumes, sachets, and other scents that made him famous.

These were really popular in the 18th century, they could be kept in your pocket, clothing trunks, our in a room. The scent is heavenly- as you can see even though it is called scented lavender, it has more than just lavender. :)

Our herbs are all certified organic- Have peace of mind that they are good of you and your family.