Outlander Inspired Deep Tissue Balm

$ 10.00

Outlander Inspired Apothecary Collection: 
Claire's Medicinals
1oz Tin

Deep Pain, Sore Muscles, Back Aches, Cramps, Tummy Aches,

We Think Claire would approve of this recipe! "Deep Tissue Balm" 
If someone would have let her peruse their family book of recipes, she would have seen a recipe for tea and known how to make it into a balm just like we did!! 

When we were asked to come up with products that would or could have been used in the time period of the popular novel, and movie Outlander, we wanted to really give you something unique and true to history and something that could have been made in that region because the recipe already exists. We give you our "Outlander Inspired Apothecary Collection"

This recipe started off as a an original 18th century recipe for a tea for tender stomach and/or cramping. Like Claire, we noticed that the herbs used in this original recipe are also really great for helping to soothe and heal deep tissues when applied topically. We think she would have used this as a base recipe and added to it like we did. You can still apply it to your tummy for cramps. Historically women had monthly abdomen and lower back issues with sore muscles as well. This salve is designed to give comfort and relive pain associated with sore muscles, tissues, cramps, and all monthly ailments. 


We think Claire would have realized the medicinal value not just for women's complaints but the complaints from men as well with sore muscle and back pain. This balm works well when it is massaged :) into sore muscles and backs for relief of pain and loosening the muscles. Let it soak in and allow it to relieve your tension and pain. This salve will help heal and relieve pain with anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, realxing properties. Great for those on the go too!