Bergamot Smelling Salts

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Scented Smelling Salts
1811 recipe
Smelling Bottle


The original recipe from 1811 actually refers to it as a "Smelling Bottle". At this time vinaigrettes were also still being used for a variety of reasons. So a lady would have had her pick, a smelling bottle or a vinaigrette. While smelling salts in the victorian times didn't use sponges, regency smelling salts had the option as was customarily done centuries before. The purpose of Smelling Salts are to arouse consciousness and are centuries old. We have documentation of them even being used by the Romans.

They are meant to help revive those that faint or like Mrs. Bennet and her nerves, those that need some extra oxygen flow to help with breathing. The whole point of smelling salts is not to smell pleasant- although this 1811 recipe calls for bergamot to help with the ammonia smell. The gas they produce is meant to irritate the lungs or clear the breathing passages- which intern creates oxygen flow to the brain to wake the person up. So this is not a toy. If used improperly this could lead to headache, or irritated throat. So please use these only when seriously needed or as a decoration to show examples of regency smelling salts.

Now you and Mrs. Bennet can feel relaxed and revived when needed. Carry this with you just incase - you never know when the vapors may strike. But be responsible. These are intended to showcase history and nothing else. Use at your own risk.

Please Note: This is the original recipe- but not at their full potency. They are strong- but not as strong as the originals.