Twig the Fairy's Fairly Short Fairy Tales DVD

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A live action, 80 minute DVD featuring 11 short films filled with magic, wonder, action, adventure, hilarious antics, and sooooooo much glitter.

Join Twig the Fairy and her amazing friends as they ride unicorns though the mountains, swim with mermaids through the ocean, learn Kung Fu in the foothills, and spend the summer with a real human family. You'll learn how to deal with goblins in your closet, how fairies react to human food, and why Twig no longer performs interpretive dance. From heart warming, to action packed, to wildly hysterical, this collection of shorts is guaranteed to leave young and old filled with wonder.

Working with a cast of over 100 mythical creatures, shot in 20 magical locations, you'll see 10 awe-inspiring shorts created by cinematographer duo LunahZon with an original music score by Will Vernon, along with 1 breathtaking (literally) short by underwater photographers Sea Through Sea.

The DVD:
70+ minutes of magic, adventure, silliness, and heartwarming whimsy
11 video shorts ranging in length from 2-15 minutes
10 video shorts created by LunahZon with an original score and music by Will Vernon
1 video short created by Sea Through Sea featuring Hannah Fraser Mermaid, Finfolk Productions and Lyrique the Mermaid
Outtake/ gag reel Cast includes Mermaids, Fairies, Unicorns, Goblins, Ninjas, Brownies, Humans, and creatures yet unnamed.
Hard plastic clam shell case with full color printed liner!