Cream Of Roses Regency Cold Cream

$ 12.00

Cream Of Roses
- Regency Cold Cream-
1 3/4oz
Cold Cream has been used throughout history. It was used to clean and soften the skin giving it a youthful glow while fighting acne and aging. The term "Cold" came from the feeling it left on your skin when applied. From the 18th century to the regency period- cosmetics changed drastically and yet in a few ways didn't change very much at all. There was a continued push towards natural products and a very natural look. The white and red were still popular but the Dr's were pushing women away from the face paint- even though it was still used by many. They focused their attentions on the younger women in the hopes of getting them hooked on face powders and ointments that would make the face youthful and bright. This was the first time in history that the term "Cosmetics" actually separated into its own category -from cosmetics being medicinal. This was a huge change for the makeup/ cosmetics industry. The reason behind it was a result of the continued inoculations and education of small pox. Makeup wasn't needed anymore in bulk -to hide scaring and such. Now women could focus on facial care starting at the base. Skin care was the big push. Taking care of the skin became the most important step in a ladies regime. This is why you started to see so many various products like "cream of roses" or various astringents and face washes. The shelves were filled with skin care products. Of course makeup and cosmetics were still available and able to be used. The amount applied varied throughout the regency time frame. 
 Cream of Roses was a staple on every woman toilette. It was essential for soft glowing youthful skin and Cold Creams were a product used regularly up until the 1960's. We want to change that and bring Cold Cream back. Once you use it you can't live without it. It will benefit your complexion and soften your skin.