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Carnelian Pendulum

$ 12.95

All stones are 1 ¾ inches long. With the attached chain, they are 8” long. There is a stone bead that matches each pendulum stone with the stone bead.


Hold the pendulum stone in your hand for a couple of minutes. Then hold the bead and bit of chain from your dominant hand, between your thumb and first two fingers, allowing the pendulum to hang freely. Ask a question that you know to be true, such as your name and birthday, and see which way your pendulum moves. Since we know your name and birthday to be true, if the pendulum swings back and forth, it is your “YES” movement. If the pendulum moves in a circular motion, you know this is the “NO” movement.  Try another question you know to be false, and make sure your pendulum swings in the direction that indicates “NO”.  Once you know how your pendulum answers, you can ask questions that perhaps your pendulum can answer. Not a proven science, but fun to see how correct your stone can be.