Emily Bronte Tea

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A Tea To Energize The Fiery Lion
- Zodiac Tea-
July 22nd-August 22nd
Emily Bronte

"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." - Wuthering Heights.

A bright combination of flavors like the warmth of the Sun that gives you a zest for life and shows, Leo's warm spirit and loyalty.

Did you know: Emily Bronte was a LEO. She wrote the beloved novel "Wuthering Heights"

Imagine yourself sitting on a shaded large porch with the warmth of the sunshine, enjoying a wonderfully bright and addicting zesty tea with hints of mulled citrus, apple, and Hibiscus that will give you a passion for life- perfect for any King or Queen. Try this tea iced too. YUM!

We chose this tea blend for its connection to leo and the sun.

Green Tea- with a hint of Jasmine and Green Rooibos High in antioxidants and a little bit of natural caffeine.

Cinnamon- Connected to the sun and Fire ( just like Leo's). It's one of the herbs historically used to stimulate and excite the passions.Leo's are full of passion and Fire!!

Dried Orange- Which was given the folk name "Love Fruit". It too is associated with the sun. They say once the fruit is eaten it hinders lust, but added dried to things is to add charm and love.

Ginger, - Associated with the Sun and Fire. It was often added to things to attract your desires. When we think of Leo's they are well versed in attracting what they desire.

Apple - Are associated with friendship and loyalty- just like our Lion. Apples are also associated with many old world deities that once ruled. It is one of the fruits associated with gods and goddess's.

Hibiscus- Aphrodisiac to bring passions, love, and for prophetic dreams

Calendula- It moves that which has stagnated in our defense system. It helps warm the whole system, urging the body toward healthy circulation. Calendula’s flowers follow the sun, gathering in those gentle, fiery, nourishing energies which is the epitome of Leo