Baba Yaga Earrings

$ 14.95

Baba Yaga is a witch from Slavic Folklore who rides around in her mortar and pestle. She also lives in a house that walks around on chicken feet in the woods. She's life goals basically. These cute little houses with chicken feet will remind you to be awesome like Baba Yaga. 

Specifications * Quantity: 2 Stud Earrings * Earrings are 0.75" tall * Stainless Steel Posts * 22K Gold Plated Hard Enamel * Nickel-Free Metal Butterfly Back * Includes Backing Card Nickel Allergy Alert:

These earrings have stainless steel posts and 22k gold plating but are made by a 3rd party so we can't guarantee they are 100% nickel free. If you have a severe nickel allergy they might not be for you. 

All original designs and art © Emily O'Brien/Kitty With A Cupcake.