Mrs. Bennet's Anxiety Balm

$ 10.00

Mrs. Bennet's Anxiety Balm
Show some compassion to your poor nerves!
An all natural calming and relaxing herbal remedy for anxiety relief


This can bring a little relief to those with anxiety- like Mrs. Bennet and her poor nerves. What better name to give it than " Mrs. Bennet's Anxiety Balm"
So if you are having feelings of nervousness, or uneasiness, about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Don't worry- Mrs. Bennet's Anxiety balm is here to help ease those worries and promote a sense of calm for your poor nerves. Our combination of Lavender, Myrrh, Bay, Valerian, Chamomile, Nettle, Pine, and Lemon Balm have been used to promote calming and a relaxation for centuries. This is a unique recipe and we are happy to bring it to you.

To Use:
Apply on pressure, pulse points, and massage in so the area gets warm. A little will go along way- You can build up until you start to feel a bit more relaxed and calm.
There are specific pressure points for anxiety- look them up and use them in conjunction with this balm. You can also apply the balm to areas like the temples, back of neck, inside elbow, inside wrist, and back of knees.

As always the disclaimer that this does not replace your primary care physician and it's best not to use herbal remedies while pregnant or nursing without physician's recommendation.