Moon Goddess Artemis perfume extrait

$ 90.00

Moon Goddess Artemis lives deep inside the darkest most enchanted forest in all the lands. There, beneath the ancient whispering trees she hunts her sacred Steer with her silver arrows, & frolics with her 20 Wood-nymphs in the streams & waterfalls.  She sleeps upon a fragrant bed of velvety Moss, sweet scented Thyme, Wild Roses & Black Currant Leaves.
Our Artemis Parfum is an aromatic treasure that was specially formulated with rare & precious essences that are sacred to Artemis, in order to assist you in making contact with the Artemis Energy that lies within you. To awaken your inner Artemis, anoint your pulse points with our precious Moon & gemstone infused elixir. 
Key Notes Include: 
Essence Of Woodlands, Dark Berries, Wild Currants, Rose & Moss, Myrtle, Mugwort & Thyme.  
1/3 Oz Parfum Extrait - $90.00
Housed in a vintage style Emerald glass bottle with a daub stopper. Comes in a black gift box with a green velvet carry pouch. 
~ Fun Fact ~
According to the beliefs in Shakespeare's age, Faeries were the same as the classic Wood Nymphs who were the attendants of Artemis. The Faerie Queen Of The Forest was in fact Artemis herself (called Titania by Ovid, who inspired Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream).