Early 18th century Scottish Receipt To Heal - Hastings Ointment

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Early 18th century Scottish Receipt To Heal
- A Hastings Ointment -
From An Early 18th Century Rural Scottish Herbal Recipe Book Held In A Private Collection In Glasgow
Glass Bottle
Original Recipe



So many recipes have been lost throughout the centuries. This one is important historically because not only is it a very very old recipe from the early 18th century in Scotland- but it is one of the examples of how families kept their own recipes and passed them from generation to generation to be recopied and added to ( usually by the women in the family). 

The original recipe states, "A hastings ointment to cure all wounds in 2 days". The title caught my attention I really wanted to see what it would heal in 2 days.. or even if it was possible. I gave a sample to my grandpa because he had some skin issues on his face which weren't healing well with the other store bought ointments. He agreed to try it and called me two days later, very excited, that it not only took his redness, scaly skin bits away, it also helped heal his open sores.. He said he noticed a drastic difference in 2 days and at about 4 days things were completely healed and he did not need to reapply it. I was very happy when I went to visit. His face had been bad for such a long time and it looked so good. I have been testing it too, on heel blisters, burns, and all sorts of wounds.. and I have to say.. I am super impressed. It's all organic and natural. You will have to try it- keep it in your kit or medicine cabinet.

We can't promise you it will heal anything in 2 days. But we do think you should try it and let us know how it worked for you. You will be pleased.


To Use Hastings: Apply the desired amount and wrap or bandage. Check daily and reapply Hastings Ointment each day changing bandages/wraps. 
Storage: We generally recommend storing in a cool dry place- refrigeration not necessary unless desired.  Hastings and the Plaster for Swellings have a shelf life of about one year after opening. Color and consistency can change with prolonged exposure to sun but it does not change it's effectiveness.