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1811 Lavender Lemon Pomade

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1811 Lavender Lemon Hard Pomatum
Original Recipe
Pomade For Dressing, Setting, And Controlling Fly-Aways For The Hair
Regency Pomade


Have you been waiting for a Regency Pomade? Well the wait is over. This is unique because it is made from 2 types of fats- Mutton and Hog. While some may not approve- this is the historical way it was done. Both have wonderful nutrients for your hair and skin. I also love the fact that the recipe called for Lavender and Lemon to be combined. Not only does this regency Pomade smell amazing- it will also help moisturize your hair and calm fly aways as well as condition the scalp.

Did you know that Animal Tallows are amazing for Skin problems like Acne and Eczema? Combine that with the help of EO Lavender and Lemon and you have yourself a great balm for skin conditions too!

What is Pomatum or Pomade:

Pomatum is a perfumed ointment used for the hair, face, and skin. It can be a salve made with beeswax, Fats and Oils (like spermaceti or almond) which produces a more stable compound, particularly in the heat and for traveling. It can also be made from a combination of scented waters, fats, and oils.